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First and foremost, I will affirm concern/need for some feature or ability to send out multiple Explorers. No need to repeat or explain this issue further.

Second is the perennial lack of communication by BB staff on these posts; it would really be nice if these things were addressed or at least responded to by BB staff, even if it was not a positive response, just to alert players that BB does read these and will (or will) not consider them further.

Third is the blathering responses by other players portraying a holier-than-thou presence. We all know that this is a strategy game and that there can be many ways to do the same thing that each player has different ideas on how to get from 'here-to-there'. Criticizing, lecturing or pretending to have some sort of authority to redirect players on how they would like to play the game, or desire features of one type or another is self-aggrandizing. Stop it.


It was addressed, here.

Will Unity allow for group sending of explorers?
  • We know this is a feature that is very high on the Wishlist of all Settlers and thus it is also very high on our list of new features we want to develop in the future. That said, we want to make you aware that we still must prioritize other topics first. Of course, porting the game as smooth as possible is mandatory so we all can continue building our islands. But also fixing bugs and improving the performance is still more important. But after all, Settlers have moved into Unity and you and we are satisfied with the game’s performance, this will be one of the first features we want to tackle.

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how does this list of to-do's affect those of us who already successfully use ubisoft to login to the game? how many steps do we skip? this is quite a bit of info in one doc.
If you already have a Ubisoft account, you don't need to do anything as you already use a Ubisoft login to play the game. Everyone can continue playing like now, if there's a change we'll announce that and all the details.