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Thread: forced update

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    forced update

    there's an old adage.. If it Ain't broke don't fix it.

    first you forced me off my mac insisted i could only play on windows cause flash.. was unsupported. even though flash was and IS still working

    fine.. installed the stupid limited client

    worked pretty much fine til today. when you again FORCED me to download a new client to play.

    it should be optional.. if i want it. fine.. but i already am using your client i shouldn't be forced to update the blasted thing.

    "error opening file for writing " the settlersonline.exe "

    retry 6 times.. failed

    try ignore... continues.. but nope the game won't load.

    (noticed you had a stupid 'get a new version' prompt in the background
    ensure the prompt is gone
    r&r again
    no errors

    click play... you're client could not be updated

    reload main webpage - yup logged in

    finally loads to its normal "not responding" page (so THAT's not fixed) -- 10 min later.. still not fully loaded.. not responding.. on the die siedler online logo

    you guys should really just concentrate on unity.. i mean fine release updates to fix issues - but don't force them down everyone's throats.

    i wasn't planning on spending 40 min fixing this .... stuff this morning.

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    I updated it in the middle of the Valentine's event - took less time to download, instal and load the game than it normally was taking to get into the game and everyone in the guild had a similar experience. The game works much better with this client, you are literally the first person I have heard of having problems with it, can't imagine why you have the problem.

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