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Thread: Change Log 01/03/21

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    Change Log 01/03/21

    Technical implementation of [REDACTED]

    1st March 2021

    • New [REDACTED]: An ancient [REDACTED] has resurfaced in order to wreak havoc and seek revenge! Band together to fight this dangerous [REDACTED] with a new adventure, building and shop items. Help prevent [REDACTED] on [REDACTED]!

    • Adventures: Event bonuses and the Prestigious Friend Buff now affect the Misty Cake adventure.
    • Buildings: The Noble Hunter Tribute now gets affected by the Efficient Traps buff.
    • Buildings: The Noble Butcher Tribute now gets affected by the Farming & Hunting Guide zone buff.
    • Buildings: The Lettersmith Tribute has been repositioned to align with other tribute buildings.
    • Specialists: Repositioned the garrison of General Tremble Beared.
    • Specialists: Fixed a graphical issue with the Ghost General.
    • Text: Fixed various localization issues.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here <
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