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Thread: cant log in to my account

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    cant log in to my account

    I lost my son to cancer 3 years ago. It was right around easter. He was actually the one to pick this game a few years before back when he was well. I used to play with him on this game when he was too sick to go outside… we would spend hours running adventures and rebuilding the farms and wells. Thats why my island is still covered with wells… when i lost him my world crumbled. I would log in to this game to play it and talk to him about the exciting new events and it was a way to keep him here with me… I never really got over this loss and thats why I still spend hours here on line. Its a way of keeping him here with me.
    About 2 weeks ago i tried to do the migration from facebook login to the ubisoft login. I wasnt able to get the emails to change my password. Tech support migrated the account off facebook but thats where everything went wrong. When i try to log in it wants me to create a new account and it says my avatar name is already taken.
    For 2 weeks i havent been able to log in…
    I know some of you think this is just a game but for me this is more than that. Whenever i think dark thoughts like going to join my son i just log in here and spend a few hours thinking he is in the room with me. Corona virus has made these dark times more common. Tech support hasnt responded to my emails for several days now. I feel like i lost my son all over again and i just want to log in to keep the dark thoughts away.
    I created a ticket its number [Ticket#US-2021022212000152]
    I would really like to know if anyone is working on this. I know a game might not be too important to you and maybe it shouldnt be so important in the grand scheme of things but its really important to me...

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    Hey binderberger1!

    I can see that the agent and the team are working on your case, they will keep you updated in the support ticket you created.

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