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+300% output sounds overpowered. Conversely, +300% speed for 18 hours is underwhelming, but I bought it with that expectation. I might use it. For now, I'm just using glues. I just hope they don't introduce a +300% speed for 20 hours buff building for summer. I'd be interested in a 24 hour buff (output or speed), preferably in one of the many buildings we already have that produce this type of buff, without the need to add multiple copies of some new building that just takes up space. These weird times are hard to plan around.
Given the amount of books we need actually it isn't. I have two tribute under the love tree - an adventure bookbinder and run both the RPH and bookbinder constantly buffed making these and most of the time this is all with PFB and I probably only have half my generals/explorers fully booked and I have been playing for the last 3 or so years almost straight. Just how long should it take to book these?