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Thread: Live unity version feedback

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    Encountered another glitch today.

    Was on an adventure and when I went to the "buff" tab of star, all the stuff in there showed icons of gens, geos and expos and in stacks of each. However if you hover over each of them, it is actually the different buffs that you have in star. So if you see this glitch, just remember that it is actually the buffs. You just have to hover over each one to see which buff it actually is

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    Another glitch I am finding quite a bit. The quest book not opening. I'll click on the quest book to try to go to my guild quest, daily etc and the quest book won't open. I'll have to reload the game. I dislike reloading the game cause it often takes more then 5 min for my island to fully load. And the island needs to fully load before I can do tasks like buffing

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    Haven't touched this game in almost 2 months. Came back to see if it was fixed and saw they are running an event in the current state of the game. So yeah. I think, I am done. This is just....incredible. Close to two months and they STILL can not fix the game and they run an event on top of it. Amazing.

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    how do you mess up a text box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultim View Post
    Do not switch to another tab if you wanna play. Most browsers have power saving features that make the inactive tabs "sleep" basically decreasing their performance and pausing some of the code. The game devs can do nothing about this. Its the browser.
    Why did this work when it was under flash then? I was able to stay logged in 24 hrs a day and the game would run all the time. Definitely can't do that now. Leave the game for 5 minutes and you get to reload again (another 10 minutes). Definitely no longer worth playing this game with all the frustrations.

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    I cant even plant a wheat field. Click on it in menu to build and the game forgets by the time I point to the space to build the field.

    Event candles are still scattered across the island and stay there when clicked on.

    I took a week off and things seem even worse. I'll take another week or more. There are other games on the internet that actually work.

    Ive played this game for seven years.

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    Congrats to BB for flushing this game down the toilet, and hoping somehow none of us would notice while you have back to back to back gem sales.

    My guild of 80 players would see at least 40 on weekly, now there's 2.

    The TO has one page of terrible deals up for sale from the same scammers who brought you 1 gold coin in exchange for 10000 of your granite. Ha.

    9 people a day use the chat channel.

    Either kill the game, like you did Anno, or fix it (you can't fix it).

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    As of 2 day's ago the flash workaround was still 100% working.
    You can play the game.
    It works.
    Remember settlers? Yeah, flash works.

    But then.
    Oh but then.
    Somebody who should be fired.
    Decided that no, let's make sure nobody can use flash!
    Then we are gonna break unity even more!

    .... because a single person is moronic enough to pay you right now.
    I mean. We players are humans. We think. We have minds. We assess situations in our lives and make adjustments. It's human.
    Bluebyte as an entity is operated by humans. Humans that should think, humans that should adapt to the situation. In a positive way.
    But when this is the course we take. I have no doubt the humans in lead are inept. Just stop. Get out of the way.

    What you are calling "progress" is driving the game into the ground.
    Why don't you come out and say it.
    This free to play game is costing you too much and you are willfully sabotaging it.
    Just admit it.

    You can't. Play the game, care for the game, care for the player, be listening to the players.. and be on this course.
    It's a shame. No joke. This is shameful behavior.
    I really do not care that your service is free. It's still a service. So. With that. There are certain expectations of professionalism.
    Especially when you come to tout a "high end" product.
    If you can't deliver, stop making promises.

    These past 5 years in gaming we have seen a multitude of failed launches.
    Fallout 76
    Diablo card game. (who the hell wants this?)
    cyberpunk 2077
    No man's sky.
    Settlers unity client.

    You'd think.
    Since I, a public citizen with a passion for gaming.
    Watch many GDC videos. Which.. as you should know.. GDC Game developers conference.
    I would expect no less of developers to be investing in their education and insights.
    Not only to improve your own abilities. But to learn from the mistakes of others.

    This release. Tells me you are ignorant. Shame.
    It's just a shame.

    You have hundreds of players telling you, they cannot use unity.
    You have hundreds of players telling you. Flash client works, unity does not.
    What is your response?
    Break the flash client, and further break the unity client.
    Then congratulate your day's work with a gem sale.


    I would hope that a community manager would manage the situation and cater to the needs to of the community being managed.
    Not the case.
    I would hope that developers progress in their project.
    Not the case.

    I gave you time. I gave you faith.
    This is the update you give in return.

    I think somebody need remind you. You work for me.
    You work for that player over there. And that player over there.
    Your job, is to create a product so appealing that I invest my time and attention to it.
    You failed. You fucked up. Now I am playing other games that are playable because you've made your game unplayable.
    Unplayable is just that. I can't play it.
    It's not my duty to sit here and struggle to use your in game chat box or any other single feature. When it takes me 15 minutes to load after every forced crashed.

    I've been coloring and playing my PS4.
    I think you forget.
    You need us settler players to log in and play. Or you have no job.
    If you do not do your job, you lose your job.
    That is the reality that the rest of us live in and see. Yet we watch you act with impunity as if you are incapable of insulting us.
    Well you've sure as hell insulted me.
    You have a test server. How do you put an update like this into live? How dare you.
    I'll say it again.
    How dare you.

    We deserve better. You should hold yourself to a higher standard. And now, you should hold yourselves accountable in realization that a % of your player base is about to walk.

    It would take no effort at all to get a read on the tone over the past month. Players are not happy. chat blows up daily about not being happy. Boards blow up daily about not being happy.
    Things are tense.
    This patch was make or break.
    ... you tell me BB. Tell me. Admit to it. Did you make things better with this recent update?
    You have no right now to be confused as to why player's now walk away from you.
    You shoved 'em out the door.

    Ya know. I do not support religion. But I do not stop others from practicing it. That's all you had to do.
    If you are going to tell us that you are leaving us behind and will not support a playable client.
    You could have at least let us fix it. Do your job for you for free. So that players stick around and try.
    But to actively seek out and shut it down. Is cold. Insulting.
    More insulting that you think I will let you insult me, and that I will give you more of my time.
    Oh worse yet.
    Happy hour today. That you think any individual out there with money in their bank account is going to give it to you. wow. Arrogant as well as ignorant.

    If this game had the popularity of fallout or any other franchise we know by name.
    "the internet" would be all abuzz over such a blunder as few of this magnitude are seen.
    Because here in gamerland, where we are smart people with ideas and stuff.
    We live by a certain code. It's a little unspoken, but wise developers clue into this.

    "A late game is only late until it ships. A bad game is bad forever."
    Google tells me in 1 thousandth of a second that the announcement that flash would be ending was given July of 2017.
    This is 2021, and you are building unity now.
    Not, in 2019. Or even 2020.
    You've hired a company, who hired a company to build you the tools to build your unity engine.
    But you didn't do that in 2018,2019,2020 even. You finished that, like 2 months ago. *slow clap*

    So it's not a far stretch for us as a community to now be decrying "Incompetency!" in unison.
    Maybe we are right.
    Sure have enough time to think and reflect on how you treat us. Can't load the game.

    I've given this game a decade. You've been improving for a long time. Great.
    TSO is a great experience.
    You broke it. You were told you were breaking it, but you kept breaking it.
    Tell me BB. Can mac users play now? That's why we were in a big rush right?
    We used flash for. Wiat let's see..
    .. Yup March too.
    May it worked.
    Uh.. June.. July.. yup. flash. still good.
    August even.
    Yeah it was working in sept.
    It was even working in Oct.
    So. Why is it not working all of a sudden? Why is that a good idea, when everybody is screaming at you. Unity is garbage and doesn't work.
    Somebody said "yes" to releasing the update. Who? Why? And most of all, how dare you?

    These boards are quiet. As far as game boards go.
    Anything else I play, there are players. So people are asking for tips, looking for guilds, technical help. All that regular stuff that has been associated with any game I have ever played ever.
    TSO is quiet. Low player base to begin with, and most is handled in game chat.
    This past 2 months however. It seems there have been as many new posts made in 2 months as there ever has been before.
    All complaints.
    So. That should be an indicator to you.
    As management, you are listening for feedback, then listening to feedback.
    When customers come in and tell you "we love the food here, everything tastes amazing except for your hamburgers. We don't really care for the armpit hair garnish.".
    Just a thought. Listen to them. It's not hard.
    I've been a manager before. Did you know that? Yeah. Me. One of your customers, I have first hand experience in running a million dollar store.
    And if you want to make money, and make even more money. And you want to not be complained about.
    You have to listen.
    That's it.
    If you know what people do not like, you now know not to do that thing.
    But if you don't bother to listen to what is being said to you. You will keep doing that thing.
    And people don't come back. Simple.
    Did you know. Other players in this game have also been team leaders and management?
    We have experience in this sort of thing. So we know what to do, and we see what you are doing.
    Ouch. somebody over there is making decisions that they should not be.

    They say it takes 30 conscious day's to break a habit.
    This is day 2 of forcibly being unable to play.
    Only 28 to go before I forget about you. Tick tock. Either put out an update that works or revert to allowing flash.
    If your ultimatum is "use unity or don't play". Bye. I told you this a month ago. But you did it anyway.

    I can in part forgive and understand inability to create a working product. but that does not excuse you to release said product in replace of one that is functional.
    That. That move alone, is what is foolish and we have been calling you out on for months.
    And you double down!
    Break flash and unity in one fell swoop. Impressive. Quite impressive. The arrogance you must have to proceed as you did.
    To take action despite our warnings and think we will continue to commit our life hours on your product.
    Every day I log in to my Opera GX browser and it shows me brand new games that are free to play.
    I go on steam, find free games. I go to and find free games.
    I go to my PS4 and find free games.
    I have hundreds in dollars spent on PlayStation games I had not been putting the hours in.
    Actually Fallout new vegas one of my favorite games ever. Back from 2012 when game releases meant something.
    It can be somewhat fun to create a new character in Hardcore Hard and speedrun the game in an afternoon.
    It's nice playing games that actually work is my point. TSO doesn't work.
    For shame. For shame.

    Off to my coloring book. Peace and love.

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    Well said Snake! In reality this is the way BB has always treated us. One of first rules in business is understand your customer/client base.They have always underestimated us tremendously. Treated us like we were all pimply faced teens playing a FPS. I have managed multi-million dollar facilities most of my career. I have met here many Drs/Lawyers/Business execs/Media people/artists/opera singer/Military people and many other experienced smart people. Many people have left along the way telling me "i'm not going to be treated like this." I have always spoke up in this game and payed the price for it. BB customer service like dealing with cable company. You can rest assured any problem you encounter they will first try and pin it on their customer first. My current situation since unity is game hasn't loaded at all, meaning I seldom see all my buildings. I have had other problems for more than a year. Iv'e always found away to solve their problems before but im not trying anymore period.

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