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Thread: Bb cop yourselves on

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    Bb cop yourselves on

    Unity is Live WHAT a Statement... In fact this is anything but true as the game is now totally unplayable and we have already lost guild members because of it. PROMISES for months that this ould be a smooth transition.

    We understand that there will always be some minor glitches but this is Just ONE BIG GLITCH. Developers are obviously not players as a player would never bring out such rubbish. Its like Retro 1950s gaming.

    All we as players want is so to have the decency to say "we are sorry we completely messed up" and at least ahave a small bit of manners and let players know if the game is being worked on ... not that it is currently a game seeing as it is totally unplayable.

    PLEASE BB Get some manners and decency and inform players whats happening and at least fix some of these issues

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    Im just a new player no longer than maybe 6months.
    But honestly, from my experience of observing BB's work, feedback, and everything I see on the forums and along the years regarding this specific game -
    they are completely and utterly incompetent team of developers, be the reason what it may be, and they should have long ago sold the game to another company. if they cared one bit about this game and its community. at least have the decency for that.

    I am not harsh at all, whatever the reason, nothing should justify in any workplace such toxic continuous non stop failures over the years, inability to adapt, fix, or just straight up stop the downhill sh*tshow this game seems to suffer from for like forever.

    I have never, ever heard of a game in such a state as settlers is now with Unity update- ON ITS LIVE SERVERS.
    I guess this is just a no name game, with a no name company, who give no ****.
    sell out, BB, do the community a favor.

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