How did the error manifest itself?
error message and game freeze

Date and time - When did the problem occur?
a minute ago - 17.11.2021 13:07

What did you do last?
I was opening a reward chest from balloons. When I tried to click on the checkmark it crashed.

Did the problem occur more than once? Can it be reproduced?
seems to be happening at random

Have you already done the first steps?
yes, keeps happening from time to time

The first steps often fix errors. Did you check if the error still occurred afterwards?
restart reloads the game so the the reward item is gone. not sure what i received to verify whether i received anything at all

Have you cleared your cache and cookies?
yes i do it on my machine on regular basis

Which operating system do you use (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ...)?
Windows 10

Internet provider / Internet speed:

Internet access (LAN/WLAN/UMTS):

Please attach Screenshots of the Dev Console (Press F12 in the browser while you experience the error). Please send Screenshots of the "Inspector" Tab AND the "Console" Tab.

Which browser AND browser version are you using?
Microsoft Edge Version 95.0.1020.53 (Official build) (64-bit)