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Thread: Many display bugs

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    Many display bugs

    I just wonder whether I'll get any reward for keep posting bugs, lol.

    I found there are many display issues:

    1. The wounded generals would randomly show off the last selected general, or geologist, or other characters. The only way to check the wounded generals' recovering time is from the star menu (I just told a friend this way, since he thought he cannot check the recovery time any more). I mentioned this issue in another post.

    2. I'm not sure whether this only happened when I try to destroy the building on the archipelago island. Sometimes the buildings or mines will show the info of another one. For example, the attached picture showed when I tried to destroy an island storehouse, it showed the info of a copper mine.

    3. Most commonly noticed, sometimes the remaining ore number is disappeared when hovering on or selecting a mine. Usually if I reselect the mines several time, the ore number will appear again.

    More display issue is waiting to be added......


    Date and time - Today, lasting

    What did you do last?
    Different normal actions.

    Did the problem occur more than once? Can it be reproduced?
    Yes, as long as my major general is wounded.

    Which operating system do you use (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ...)?

    Which browser AND browser version are you using?
    Miscrosoft Edge, version 91.0.864.71

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    Thank you for the report, we really appreciate it.

    However, we made a dedicated thread for the Unity Issues here.

    If you decide to report issues, please do so in the thread above and use the report template (if possible).

    Once again, thank you!

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