I have an account on Ares server and another account on Newfoundland server (a European English server). Previously that worked well for me because I could have both games open at the same time, which meant I could do adventures on both at the same time, etc. It was a great time saver as opposed to playing just one at a time.

Then the client came in and I could only play one server at a time. It was inconvenient, but I told myself it was temporary, and once Unity arrived I'd be able to go back to having both games open at the same time

Except I can't. Logging in to one server automatically logs me out of the other one. The two games are on different Ubisoft accounts (with different emails), and I'm beginning to think the problem has to do with the Ubisoft login in some way. When I was having trouble migrating my account, TSO support tried to help but finally said they thought the problem was at Ubisoft's end and told me to contact them. Which I did, only to be told by Ubisoft in a very abrupt and unhelpful way that "we don't provide support for TSO" even though I told them that it was TSO support who had told me to contact Ubisoft. I did eventually get help from BB Traffer, which was much appreciated. The login works now, but it won't let me have both games open at the same time.

Given Ubisoft's totally unhelpful attitude, I know I can't expect any help from them, if this issue is indeed related to the Ubisoft login. But if anyone has a solution that would allow me to play on both servers again, I'd sure love to hear it. Thanks.