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Thread: BB Why Aren't We Getting Answers

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    BB Why Aren't We Getting Answers

    BB you should be at least letting the paying people of your game what you are doing about all this feedback. From what I can see you haven't posted nothing in login page or anywhere. You can't tell us but you can sure throw out them gem sales which I hope no one bought, if you don't give a rat's behind to keep us informed then why should we help you. Get off your hind ends get in chat and type away let us know what's your progress, what is it your going for or whatever. I am one of the many teed off people on this game. It's a real easy fix --use the download client until you can get unity actually working. QUIT killing the whole game to where people can even play decent. Well I just had to post this even though I know for a fact that BB won't reply cause they don't read these anyway. just a moderator will say sorry for the inconvenience but we are working on the problem yeah right BS

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    Hello FaconGuy.

    If you will visit our website (login page), you can see our latest news regarding the current situation. We are fully aware of the current issues with the game and our dev team is working on hotfix. The next update is scheduled for this month.

    If you want more detailed information, please check the threads that have already been created on the forum, you will find my answers there.

    I also suggest you check out my posts directly, which can be done by visiting my profile here. This way you will see my replies without having to browse the entire forum.

    Since we have similar threads over the forum, I will close this one, but you're welcome to post your feedback in one of the existing threads.

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