ShuttlePilot, Level 71
Windows 10 with all updates
Browsers -- all of them
Monitor: LG smart HD TV
Resolution settings: doesn't matter nothing works

I have to use 200% UI view just in order to play the game. Otherwise things are way to miniscule to read. Even at this view, I can't zoom in far enough to see any details of buildings, etc. It is as if the view is at half-zoom. I have to drag my island around in order to see it in its entirety as I cannot zoom out far enough to see my whole island at once.

When at 200% UI, I cannot trade, delete friend, compare achievements, etc. because the pop up menu goes below screen view. In order to get it into any kind of view I have to go so far below 100% UI that everything is reduced to nearly microscopic. This is problematic when trying to engage in multiple trades.

Looking forward to having this issue resolved for those of us who play on big screens.