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Thread: these building cooldowns - love tree, observatory, etc

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    these building cooldowns - love tree, observatory, etc

    players have identified what the problem is for you - it is just rude you haven't done a hotfix to fix them already. It should be a simple fix since it appears all that is wrong is the game isn't identifying the correct number of buildings a person has to calculate the correct cooldown.

    it is really annoying to have worked to earned these extra buildings so you can get on in the morning and turn the observatory on and be able to run a string of adventures, etc. - not to mention you have to manually keep track of when you last used them because the display is showing the correct cd not the buggy one.

    and how hard is it to fix the ability for generals to be recall as well?

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    Hello Narsan.

    We already have a topic about it here, so please feel free to discuss it in the existing thread, instead of creating a new one.

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