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Thread: Winter Wondrous

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMAGPILE View Post
    Found on the web:

    What constitutes "bait and switch"?
    Key Takeaways: Bait and switch occurs when a prospective buyer is enticed by an advertised deal that seems attractive. However, the advertised deal does not exist or is inferior in terms of quality or specifications, where the buyer is then presented with an upsell. The practice is considered unethical, and in many jurisdictions is illegal

    Unethical aside, I wonder how Ubisoft Blue Byte regards "balancing" as a priority over customer/player satisfaction. In addition, I find no remorse on the post nor is there any corrective action to make us purchasers "whole".

    I await a follow-up post.
    the corrective action that is required is people just quit playing this game - players have put up with a lot in the last year with this game. Deceitful practices in the store are pretty much over the top. That building is extremely expensive to upgrade with resources already, it did not need a huge increase in grout (which many players previously obtained from adventures they can no longer do in a reasonable manner) or presents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Trafffer View Post
    Dear Settlers,

    We heard your comments about the upgrade costs of the winter residence.
    The upgrade costs of 4500 presents and 4500 grout for the Winter residence are balanced as intended for this event. However we read all your feedback and will take this info into account for the re-balancing of the next event.

    Kind regards,
    Your "The Settlers Online" Team
    This is b.s. You are a liar. Goodbye to this corrupt garbage game and company.

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