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Thread: Trade market and adventures

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    Trade market and adventures

    It be nice where a person can get anything from the market with trade . Base it on coin only at market value at the time . Many times people will not trade or it to the point where it is too high .

    Another thing need a search engine for adventures . So when you look for a certain item in adventure just type it in and find out which adventure has what in that item .


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    You can search and sort all loot tables here very quickly.

    As for trade. Deal with it and learn.

    What market value? Based on what?
    Where does the item come from?
    You wanna buy unlimited beans at "market value". Where do these beans come from? Where does your coin go to?
    Just the air?
    If something is "too expensive" don't buy it.
    Solves that problem.

    This doesn't solve the issue of players not knowing what market value is.
    Free market means I can post whatever I like asking whatever price I like and you are free to ignore it or accept it.
    If I am skilled I will post attractive trades which are both profitable to me and knowingly profitable to the buyer.
    I can't sell a rip off and expect it to move.
    But I can sell a deal at or below market average. And by being a master trader I can swap item to item upscaling value in a hidden manner to where my acquisition is below my sale price.
    You don't have to know how little Pay for what I am selling. You only have to know that what i am selling is a deal for you and you better buy it before somebody else does.

    If somebody is putting up BS values on items. Don't buy it. They are either intentionally taking advantage of ignorance or accident.
    Or they honestly have no idea how to value items.
    All you can control is you and your ability to assess item value.
    Buy deals. Don't buy bad deals. Right?

    I sell 100 RS for 400kc. That's market standard.
    You can pay that when I or another player has that item posted and available because it exists in game.
    I have to generate rainbow snow.
    You can't just walk into an empty TO and put up 400kc for 100 RS that do not exist.
    If that were possible I would buy up all the misty cake maps I could.
    But who is gonna dictate their price? How does that work with time exclusive maps?

    You are close to an idea I have had though.
    Combination of the 2 really.

    Where you could search TO with 1 more tickbox available.
    "transactions" Where you are able to look at the TO list and see which lots are available, but with the box ticked also which lots have been successfully sold and the price at which they sold.
    My personal trade history only goes back so far and I hate that.
    I should have a 3 day history available for personal.
    But a 24 hour live listing in TO.
    So if I sell.. I dunno. Whatever for 3000 coins over and over and over.
    You can now see that I am moving an item repeatedly in micro. This gives you 3 pieces of information.
    The current average price.
    The price trend.
    The rate of sale.
    This information may then be used to build your own competing trade.
    You would be comfortable in knowing what price you can set and how long you may expect before it sells.
    You would know that if you overprice me that I will just continue to sell.
    And you know ahead of time if you match my price that you are as likely to sell lots without harming profit.
    If you undercut me. You are not selling your goods any faster. You are not starving me out.
    It will sell either way, but now you are taking less than you should receive. Don't do that. Be smart.

    I camp trade office.
    Majority of players are pretty clueless as to what is going on in there.
    If you take up trading training and apply it with patience you will see an improvement.

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