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Thread: Tunnel of Love

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    Tunnel of Love

    When I saw that the Tunnel of Love was modified to produce 1 platinum ore from one coin it seemed like it would be an ok building to get. I saw that Trafffers new description in the Dev Diary said 1 every 12 hours but was hoping that was a typo since it originally produced 1 sausage every 12 minutes. Alas itís not a typo.

    Technically this might not be a bug, but 1 platinum ore every 12 hours is not useful at all. Iím hoping youíll consider adjusting the Love Tunnel to produce 1 platinum ore from 1 coin every 12 minutes or maybe even 6 minutes.

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    This building is completely useless in its current state, unless you want an expensive decoration. It's absurd to call this a production building. A couple hundred platinum ore a day is probably not worth the space either, but at least then there would be some value to it. Granted, 1 coin for 1 platinum ore is a poor exchange rate (maybe depending on the server), so you're better off buying it, but it can be nice to be able to produce materials on your own without having to worry about finding them.

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