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Few updates:

1. Candy Factory - we're aware of the incorrect In-Game description, however, the Dev Diary has the correct description, which is 6 hours. I have forwarded this to our Dev Team for review.
2. Princess Zoe - If you are unable to buy it, you have reached the intended limit on your account.
3. "We Need Friends Quest" - We know it's not working for some players. We will run a script in the last week of the event, to auto-complete it. For now, please play the quest chain up until the point where the issue occurs and you cannot progress (since there are rewards to obtain up to that point), then abandon the quest chain. The eggs lost from the proceeding quests will be compensated soon.

ad 3. - as told I deleted the quest - but still no Points from achievement ( including all 4 ) to make it possible to complete upgrade of easter basket - Did Anyone who deleted the quest get the points ?