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Thread: Easter, no quests. bug?

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    Easter, no quests. bug?

    Sorry if this is wrong section. I'm 10days into game

    So, I've completed Easter quests up through "Mr. Croix Santís New Delight", and should be starting "Lost Eggs"...
    But the next chain isn't starting. The only quest I have, which I've had since the very beginning, is to "wait 5 days", and since I had it from start, I assume it's not my Lost Eggs. could be wrong.

    How do I get the next chain to start??
    I have restarted PC, chrome, done Cntrl-F5 - many times. cleared cache using ccleaner. went to bed and did all again 8 hrs later.

    thanks for any help

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    you get one questline every 5 days. that is what the countdown is. so when it is up you will get your next event quest line and another timer for 5 more days until you get the third one

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