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Thread: Change Log 27/07/22

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    Change Log 27/07/22

    Updates to the Black Market, Guild Market and other bug fixes.

    27th of July 2022

    • Black Market: Items in the Black Market have been updated!

    • Chat: Some fixes to the chat have been made
    • Chat: The history of the guild chat has been restored
    • Chat: Guild chat tabs now disappear after disbanding a guild
    • Graphics: Fixed the effects of some cosmetics
    • Guild Market: Various fixes to the Guild Market have been made
    • Misc: Selecting a specialist will no longer produce warnings in the console
    • Quests: Fixed an issue that caused buff quests not to initialise properly when played in succession
    • Sound: Fixed the sound effect of the Rabbid Statue
    • UI: Scroll lists will now save their position
    • UI: The anchor point of pinned quests can no longer be pushed outside of the game window
    • UI: Daily login bonus background frames are visible again
    • UI: Adventures will no longer stack in the quest book
    • UI: The explorer window will no longer Ô€śjump
    • UI: Insufficient resources for explorer adventure searches will now be highlighted
    • UI: Limited highlighting of the guild logo
    • UI: General names will no longer overlap on unit tooltips
    • UI: Fixed the highlighting of talents
    • UI: The gem symbol for busy specialists is displayed again
    • UI: Fixed the building menu of the Water Castle and Easter Basket buildings
    • UI: The tooltip in the building queue will no longer add resources when hovering over multiple buildings consecutively

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    Update 27/07/22

    In this update we will also deploy the additional fixes below:

    • Achievements: Fixed an issue that prevented certain adventure challenge achievements from completing
    • Buffs: Area buffs now show the affected area again
    • UI: Fixed an issue that caused the contents of the star menu to disappear when sending out specialists on a task
    • UI: Fixed an issue that caused the window of a provisioner to transfer to another provisioner, potentially locking out the usage of the building

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