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Thread: Generals In Two Places at Once

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    Generals In Two Places at Once

    Time: 7:26PM Mountain Time USA Thurs. 18 May
    Browser: Chrome with all updates

    Sent several generals to Oil Lamp adventure island. Intel and Observatory zone buffs running. Gens were on island for about 5-10 minutes, I was back at home island when all of a sudden all of the generals arrived back home, all at once. I then went to the adventure island out of curiosity, and the exact same generals were there exactly where I had set them up.

    Does refreshing browser clear the issue? Will let you know in a few mins.

    EDIT: Update. Logging off, clearing cache, did not fix the issue. The gens had all landed in the general LZ on the home island. I had transferred each to their respective places on my home island. I then went to the adventure island and was able to transfer their doppelgangers around on the adventure island.

    Spookeh! : )

    Will leave them all where they are for now, and see if they are still there in the morning. Will report back.

    EDIT: Doppelganger gens still there this morning, after all night log off, and total computer reboot. 6:40 AM Mountain Time USA

    FINAL EDIT: Tried sending the "ghost" gens on home island to the adventure island, and that finally did the trick. Apparently when a doppleganger meets an original, it is vaporized. : )
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