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Thread: [Feedback] Dev Diary Anniversary Event 2023

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    [Feedback] Dev Diary Anniversary Event 2023

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on the [Dev Diary] Anniversary Event 2023.

    The original post can be found here.

    Happy commenting!

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    Why was General Tremble Beard removed from the event? He is not in the Merchant.

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    Why did you remove much useful stuff from the merch?! There are no General Tremble Beard, Bold Explorer, Diligent Geologist, Old School Barracks and Sickbay! Why did you remove those?! I know some of these are in the bundles as well, but what if someone wanted more of these? For example, you limited the Old Era Bundle to 1 per player!

    You added some useless skins but removed useful stuff. Does not make any sense to me!

    I'm wondering what's the idea/"selling" point to remove things from merch that could be bought by gems, during this event only?!?!

    I don't mind if you push those useless skins and deco statues... but why did you REMOVE things at the same time?!

    I'm so disappointed!

    update: explorer, geo, and general are still in your dev diary btw... :facepalm:

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    My Festival Hall quest is bugged:

    both requirements are fulfilled. Both green bars filled, with green checkmarks. There were no prerequisite quests. No green checkmark activated at bottom of quest. Just the X mark still. Using Chrome, Win 11, with all updates.

    Solutions tried:

    Going to a different domestic island.
    Going to a foreign island.
    Logging out, clearing cache, logging back in.
    Sleeping production, and restarting production.
    Changing all three productions.

    During the foreign island (the Hero daily quest) the green bars for the Festival Hall quest showed up instead of the actual quest for the mission. Checking on the actual quest in the mission's quest menu cleared that. Was hopeful this would unbug the Festival Hall quest when I got back home. It did not.

    Cannot continue with the Party quest line until this is unbugged. Will log out for 20 minutes and log back in to see if that shakes it loose. Will edit with results.

    UPDATE: Logging out completely for 30 minutes did the trick.
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    Why is "Large Contribution" worse than "Decent Contribution"? Shouldn't more balloons warrant better reward?

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    Welp, stuck at party-hat-guy's groin on load screen. Freezes there and won't go further.

    Every stinking event! Same issue.

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    Can we get more information on the new explorer, please?

    Does she always bring back adventure? On every search or just some times? What are the chances of getting an adventure? Does the length of the search affect the chances of her bringing back adventure?

    Does she bring back map fragments if she fails a search and doesn't bring a map?

    Does the length of the search affect what kind of map she will bring, aka level of difficulty? Is it similar to adventure search or does she pull from all adventures?

    EDIT: NVM, I got my answers from other players in-game.

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    *sips coffee*

    Let's start with a positive.
    Misty cake is back baby.
    This is a top tier adventure that is undervalued and not very well understood.

    For a detailed breakdown of how to take down The final camp in Misty Cake and extract maximum value see my guide here. Seek "Snake tremble beard".

    I had seen a very cute question in help tab recently.
    "Why is Misty cake selling in TO for 100K c?"
    Then reasonably answered.
    "Because it has not been in game for about 3 years and top level players like the map."
    That about sums it up.
    Scarcity creates demand. That demand drives competition. Competition drives the price.
    We know that we will not see the map again for 1 year. And only expect to get 10 + what you are able to buy through TO.
    Coins are replaceable, MC is not.
    A skilled player can get 3M xp in about a half hour in this map. Able to run 4 to 5 copies within a single SP activation.
    Factor in the very low effort, camp count, unit loss, time cost.
    Consider 12M XP over 2 hours or less as good a growth as one can expect.
    A standard TOK will take you 1.5 hour. Oil, Any major map takes an hour or more and is just a tick of this XP.
    Also this being the sole source of OBS outside of MCC, thus a source of OBS without expense of crystals.

    But let's address some of the negatives.
    This is yet another disappointing event.
    "something to hold" was previously "complete a venture" and is still listed as such on .
    This has now changed to "complete an adventure".
    Also, this is now a 2 week event. That we are doing in early August not September? Odd.
    The problem is that the event adventure list is packed full of ventures. But we only have the side quest line telling us to do ventures.
    So for the sake of getting it done, why not just keep to the low cost of running songs and curses?
    There is no need to celebrate tripled OBS drop in MCC when we have OBS access in MC.
    There is no need to run a level 11 venture any more.
    When we exist in a climate where we have been long spamming our geos.
    We are so loaded with instant buffs that no single map poses any threat.
    Every single leader camp in game can be removed via Balista + Rofa + (RS, BT).
    Every map has a let # of conditions to be met which is typically a series of clearing leader camps.
    OIL map can be completed within a few minutes with buff drops. This opens 2 slots of lvl 11 map to be gifted to guildies or sold for coin ls.
    Complete and move on. There is no actual reason to feel compelled to run a high level venture which only comes at the expense of crystals.
    When we know we would rather spend our crystal supply on gem acquisition.
    The existing quest requirements entirely feel random, not at all rewarding, and the event list now out of touch.
    Rewarding *3 loot on a limited adventure set that majority of the players will not have access to, or have outgrown.

    No player sub 1 year of play is going to do RQ or MCC. Most vet players do not play these maps, some do sparingly.
    If half of our existing player base is comprised of young players who are coming up and other half who have been here for 6+ years.
    Who is even playing RQ or MCC right now? I would argue most are not, and have no reason to.
    This event was opportunity to be forced to sit and play through high level ventures.
    But since taking that challenge away, I can simply buff through a GP in a minute and move forward.
    If there is no challenge in the main quest line, who is it for? Why am I just going through the motions?
    To get the laid out rewards ahead of me?
    You give me 1 PFB token, but I used 1 PFB token. So that is just a wash. I an intended to use the buff for the event. Fine.
    Couple low prem tokens, but I spent more than what you give back.
    Bunch of buffs that come from geos anyway. And I am again spending far more than what is paid back.
    So why do I want to spend prem to get prem, and spend buffs to get buffs, only to do so with net loss?
    Oh a little bit of waterborne residence and another wonder I have no space for.
    Great. Add that to the 15k+ non working citizens I have. I'm sure that will make a difference.
    I have 10K+ of each elite army unit just because. But without reason to adventure, they just sit there.
    Had you given me reason to play ventures. I would at least be taking my generals for a walk and cycling through my troops.
    Spending my brew and weapons. Using my platinum.
    I would be putting my resources to work instead of making the number bigger.

    All this game has been over and over after release release.
    Is a make the number bigger game.
    But I've already made my level as big as it goes.
    And when my storehouse gets full, I empty it and refill it.
    So the number in my star menu gets bigger.
    It doesn't do anything it is just there.
    We were supposed to have Shady dealings hall as a means to bid massive quantity toward a bid purchase. But then you pit everybody against each other and allow the last second top bid to take it.
    Now we don't even have shady dealings until you figure out a better system.
    There is nothing for us to buy and nothing for us to do.
    Yet we keep doing TR and GP anyway.

    Who is this event for, and what are we supposed to do and get out of it?
    What is the clear direction or theme of this event? Carnival?
    Balloons.. balloon market, tribute.. we have a carnival theme elsewhere. No.
    You introduce "Elari" theme". Here is the problem with that.
    You have started and not completed many themes over and over.
    Nordic, easter, summer, halloween, valentine, roman, you keep putting out new skins and themes.
    But you give us no island space to put anything down.
    How can I be expected to afford island space to decorations when every passing event clogs my island with another 3 wonder res?
    Another old school barracks I don't need but can't deny.
    My island keeps shrinking every time you put out a round of somewhat useful buildings that are not actually too useful.
    Finish a theme! Give me somewhere to build it out and look nice.
    If I am a decade into this game I should have an island that reflects that. It should not be a production island mess. it should be fancy pants something other players can look up to.
    Too few players have the space to stretch out and create looks and themes they would like to.
    You can't put out new arches with some copper mines on them?
    You put out dessert arches.. 2. that's as far as you go with dessert theme. Introduce that and some other decos. But never flesh it out or allow us space to display it. We just keep seeing new themes come out that nobody recognizes or cares about.
    We are not dumping gems into these products which only eat up valuable land space. Not gonna happen.

    Back to the event. Is there another positive to be said?
    It's over quick.
    I am at the start of celebrathon round 9 and this is day 3 of a 14 day event.
    I should be able to finish up these last 2 rounds no problem today.
    Oh wait, that's not good.
    Your content does not even fill 25% of your event duration. Which is only 2 weeks anyway.
    I can't even look at the glass half full. You really are lacking in content here.
    But that's what happens when you release 1 new map every 4 years.
    Is colossal cave ever going to be released?
    Why are we not up to difficulty 18 or 20 maps?
    If you have Split city in summer and fall with increasing difficulty.
    Then move on with winter and spring already. Make the maps.
    Put in new units which are not vulnerable to YGG 1r taps.
    Make them vulnerable to Loner, STF, Resolute. That is the top tier of units, give us a transition point where these top units are required. Then introduce us level 100 from 80. Just do it.

    Do you know how long it has been since it has taken me more than 1 day to complete an adventure? Too long.
    I should be challenged.
    I do not understand why do not have raid bosses between events.
    If you can track global balloon donations.
    Then you can create a map where a player destroys a boss and is rewarded with a specific token to that boss.
    Donate the token with global tracking. X tokens to destroy XP. You have these mechanics built into anniversary and golems.
    But you can't implement it and give us anything.
    Raid bosses can drop random reward like prem tokens, PFB, SC,WPP, all top tier items.
    Give me a reason to spend my troops.

    Day 3 and I will be finished with this event and right back into passive mode of doing the same nothingness I have to do between every other event.
    If this is all that this is.
    This is not anything to look forward to next year either.

    You've adjusted the durations of cake to adjust for the fact we have so many explorers. We have to be active in adv/exp to grind the excess cnadles to process the dough we need to make the 2 ecakes a day we need.
    But then what do we get for completing +1k balloons on repeat in the end?
    A Rofa.
    Which we spend per GP hosted, so it's not like it's anything or enough.
    We are playing GP to grind the event!
    Everything you pay out as reward we are putting in more of in expense to reach it.
    This is madness.

    Here are some current top tier problems we face. And solutions.

    Too many buildings not enough space.
    Too many wonder res that have to go somewhere.
    What is weird is that we can have open green space, only to have our generals return and send themselves to star.
    When they clearly could plop down in open space.
    Now we have to place them, wait, load them, wait, send them, wait.
    But. You could have a building we place down where all generals may reside and be managed.
    At the very least cleaning up all the generals off my island might reveal some gaps I could put to use.

    We have excess population. Interestingly enough we have a couple items introduced where settlers are used in the recipe. Also we have harbor.
    Unfortunately harbor offers nothing to anyone.
    It's too slow, too low a reward. Nobody cares.
    But if you add in some more recipes then we can spend our settlers "expediting them to tavos" in exchange for a reward.
    Which leads into our next issue.

    That majority of the gameplay is done with instant buffs.
    Specifically with DB this includes assassin.
    Here is the thing.
    DB is our source of oilseed. And we need WPP/AS to complete the run. We cannot farm WPP on demand. But if you could utilize harbor to exhange population for AS.
    We would then be able to grind more oilseed through DB.
    We are going to do instant runs anyway, you won't stop it. You should just lean into and assist it.

    More islands. Seriously. More islands.
    I don't need to explain this.
    Just make more islands.
    These wonder res.
    These barracks.
    These spring parks.
    These training fields.
    Everything. It's too much, it's too tight.
    Make some dam islands.
    The new kick is in every event you now put out a new residence that is 2X2 size and grants 160 population with no upgrades. This is the same space requirement of a wonder res which offers 650 population. Why.. what.. just..
    We can't move or stretch out.
    Here I have to emergency place my gold towers to satisfy quest. But how?!
    There is nowhere to put it.
    There is nothing I can just rip up to put new ones down. There is just no space.
    Why are you selling me decorations with nowhere to put them?
    As long as this game has been out, it should just be bigger.
    I do expect more. I should be able to expect more.
    When an event lasts me 3 days of play time that is not enough juice.

    Rina is just another of the same. Not even worth acknowledgement.
    Balloon tribute cannot be buffed. So no 1:22 from LT.
    Look to balloon market for speed of these underused items and just accept the oilseed and oil cost.
    All it converts to is a means for you to spend oil on making a buff, and selling the buffs for more coin than an equal # of oil would.
    Upscaling coin value of your oil.
    That trade has been available for 3 or 4 years now and nobody does it because that is what this community is.
    Nobody actually plays or tries.
    And why should we? There is nothing to do so it's no surprise nobody does anything.

    Something has to grow. Something needs to happen. There needs to be more. Bigger. Harder. Focus on your high level and long term players.
    If you lose us there is no game.

    At least there are seemingly no complaints about Unity or how unplayable this game is.
    It runs. Yay. We can play settlers again.
    But then you log in, click a few things. And decide to go do anything else.
    Something needs to be new.
    New themed decorations and skins. Are just more decorations and skins.

    We need bigger maps. We need hard challenge, crank it up. Turn that dial.
    Let's not let Halloween be just another Halloween.
    It is one of the best events of the year and highly rewarding. It has consistently offered new useful items and been an event that really shines to me.
    I think Halloween is the best event of the year.
    I don't know what to expect. I can't believe resolute has been out for almost a year now? Such an amazing general that I have barely ever had to use.
    Almost a year worth of play with him and I have spent maybe 2000 swordsman with him.
    It's nice how strong he is. But also, maps are too easy.
    Everything now needs to be harder than Bonaberti.
    You can't really put out a stronger general. Even if you could design one, it would be too much power and nowhere to apply it.
    Without a repeatable no limit raid boss to crash into there is legitimately nothing to spend units into.
    What else can we expect, another explorer to add to our long list of too many explorers?

    The only thing you can do with an explorer at this point is make one that is hyper fast.
    Stick to Halloween candy theme. Something about being sugar rushed.
    Where the focus is on small searches on repeat. Make it a 15 minute search with chance at loot table that matches Gingerbread geo.
    Keep the small search reward 1:1. With a 1/6th search time overall output is 1:6. compared to others.
    This also changes his tech design dropping the focus on medium searches to something else.
    Why do we need hyperspeed?
    Because you've introduced egg tree with an overpriced activation cost.
    It gives us 2 days to perform searches with doubled output.
    This changes my proposed exp to a 1:12 value to adventurous. This would be a top tier performer under the right conditions being egg tree + event.
    Where outside of these conditions it relegates to being the same as any other average explorer who spams artifact searches.
    While taking advantage of egg tree limited time through hyperspeed searches, we are also tapping into a loot table which may procur crystals through search. This compensation makes it possible to actually regain the 300 crystals used.
    The introduction of this mechanic brings value to owning multiples of this unit.
    Where in having 1 over 2 day use will procur X crystals. But we would expect having 3 would get us 3X.
    If this were enough to compensate even 150 of 300 crystals spent. I would consider this enough compensation to bring value to egg tree activation.
    Where right now there is no argument to activate egg tree where the same crystals are better spent into gem grind.
    300 crystals I would expect tog et 500 gems. Compare to 300 crystals spent on double resource gain from exploreres only. I see more value in gems.
    When I know already through mass exps, advs, and TO I am easily able to live in excess event resources without any need to spend crystals to do so.
    There is no need to divert crystals away from gem.
    However, with this proposed EXP.
    We would actually see compensation toward crystals making egg tree attractive enough to where exps become viable and useful.
    Suddenly players have to be online to manage them.

    There are ways to keep moving forward and fix issues.
    Majority of which include just making the game harder.
    Introducing ways to supplement oilseed and crystal shards.
    Introduce more island space.
    Improve general management.

    This event is a write off. It was always for high level players anyway.
    And now there is nothing for us here and it is over in half a week.
    The only thing I actually like of this event is getting a couple more CL and having MC back.
    Thing is though. You should specify and include that the new explorer has exclusive opportunity to farm MC in her searches.
    That would be a unique and highly valuable skill that would have me retuning to ensure I utilize her as much as possible.
    In a previous time there was value in performing very long adventure searches in hope to get a woodcutter to be sold at 3kc value in TO.
    That being the highest value map we could find.
    But now we live in a world where MC sells for usually 50kc or more.
    Imagine performing a search and finding that map as a bonus to be sold in TO.
    Now there is reason to do the searches and obtain more than 1 copy of Rina.
    Don't worry about low or mid level players. They do not exist. Level does not reflect a players overall power. Their power is a reflection of how many events they have played through with ability to expand their army and population through time.
    This game is more time gated than effort gated. We've put in enough time to be sitting in 70+ with nothing new to do for years now.
    We have caught up to the top tier.
    Now we are waiting for top tier to once again expand and outpace us.
    How many World of Warcraft expansions are there, 20?
    When you hit the top, top has to move.
    Any other game I play gives a new map every 2 months.

    When we are giving our personal time value to this game. I get that you as BB are not getting anything out of that traffic. You need whales buying gems.
    Well. You have to give us a reason to.
    Skins and decorations won't do it. Not when there is nowhere to put anything.
    I will spare you of how overpriced and out of touch your bundle designs are.
    It's just bad.
    What you need is to get outside of the gem system. Keep it, but you need to introduce a new merchant where we can buy single items are bundles for straight cash value. Not a currency. just cash.
    Then you put these items on a weekly sale rotation, and have new bundles introduced at a reduced price for a set period.
    Let me spend $3.99 on an explorer. But put it on %50 for a limited time, that's when I will drop 2 bucks and expand my power.
    Let me spend $19.99 on a bundle which includes 180 day premium, 4 PFB, 3000 gems, +1 Tremble, +5 days to move buildings at no cost. Load it up with some other goodies.
    Then throw it on -25% limited sale.
    We will pay you if you give us something to buy.
    But we can't just throw dollars away from our grocery bill toward gems which barely go on +100% sale anymore.
    Just to then convert or gems to overpriced items which do not at all convert to a satisfying dollar amount when you figure it out.
    At a time when you are expanding crystal growth and oilseed growth in game. You are allowing us to farm gems freely through excelsior at a rate not expected in the early days.
    As we get faster and faster farming in this tradition. Which is only supported by vacation geo, museum and other items.
    You are devaluing the dollar value of gems as we feel we are paying even more for something that we could get for free.
    You can step outside of this by using your current payment system and a new merchant accessed through website not in game.
    Where bundles or individual items are offered and we can just pay online for in game content.
    No different from how gems are delivered.

    Hey, I want to enjoy the game still. I want new players.
    I would be happy to continue to buy this game that I already bought and is free to play anyway.
    But you gotta give me something to buy.
    You have to compete with steam sale 2 times a year.
    You have to compete with PlayStation and Xbox live.
    We users have options and are expecting more.

    Dilegent geo is old enough and outdated, fine we don't need more.
    Old school barracks would have been a nice option to keep.
    Book binder trib is a nice addition when we consider the 500 manuscript cost in museum. But too expensive and an off tech item that we are not paying that price.
    Again, the out of touch pricing.
    I get that you need items to cost gems so we have to buy gems. But this is not going to balance out for new players that at most will spend 4-8k gems per event.
    Honestly to get any half decent growth from event from gems one should be dropping 12-15k gems on new items.
    Usually this rounds things out nicely.
    It does not help when a bundle or single item will cost 10-12k or more and offer items from 5 years ago.
    We have enough ghosts and dracul.
    Hey I love resolute, I love loudmouth, I love the new geos, I appreciate some of the new explorers.

    But egg tree is a major miss. This event was a chance to fix it, you missed.
    We could have introduced a source of assassin, you missed.
    You could have fixed Misty Cake before re-release, you missed.
    "Giant Tree Of Hope (max 1) Applies buffs that improve the production of all neighboring production buildings in a 4×4 area."
    Not only is this tiny, but Christmas market is stronger and activatable 2 times a day over separate areas when you own enough.
    What is this tree for?
    Again, with the recent introductions of crystal sources, this being a gem based event, you could have stuck in theme and focused on releasing another theme of egg tree with a shared cooldown.
    As egg tree has a uniquely disabling cooldown reduction it is even further important that we own as many copies as possible.
    Opposed to a 12k gem grout factory not 1 player will use when grout recipe exists in Blacktree.
    You could have easily put in a 8 or 10k tree that would be in line with egg tree CD reduction. Helping build up this mechanic.
    But this new tree is it's own mechanic, that will never get larger or stronger, and has no future use in getting more copies to reduce CD or take up valuable island space.
    Miss. This is such an obviously terrible design it brings to question any legitimate form of quality control you could have before approving a release.
    I could not imagine a less inspired release.
    Looking at print press, this at least was uniquely thematic toward science buildings and packed a global buff alongside it's moderate reach.
    Not an amazing building, but unique and added value.
    This new tree only takes away value. It takes up a 2x2 space and provides a buff that is weaker than fish steak. Nobody is going to activate this.
    Who was this designed for?

    If the event adventure list includes MCC maps which grind obsidian.
    And return of MC which grinds obsidian.
    Why can you not put something new in the epic merchant? How hard can that possibly be?
    Go ahead and make a brand new building that is actually useful and make it cost 80k obsidian.
    I'm not joking.
    Crank up the prices, crank up the difficulty.
    But do something. Give me a reason to pay you please.

    I cannot look to this event or recent patch updates and feel appreciative enough to open my wallet.
    Halloween and Christmas, events I enjoy and offer me goodies. I am more likely to pick up something then.
    Even valentines is a really top tier short run event that offers some nice powerful items.
    I will spend when it is worth it.
    Make this event worth it.
    Focus on your high level players.
    Focus on a mass explorer sending tool, our wrists desperately need it. Such a time managing tool as well to be able to send out everybody on a medium search all at once.
    Again where a building could be introduced as an interface to manage generals. We could just as well see introduction of a building which acts as an interface to manage all of our explorers.
    If you don't want to make it in a building. Make it as a button which replaces the global ranking button we have in game that nobody touches.

    You've got some options.

    Keep up the good work guys. Love and appreciation and respect and all that.
    But I still am expecting more of this title. It's been long enough now. We need new maps.
    I can design new maps and units for you. I will tell you what can be difficult. I can help you create a level 90 play experience.
    It's not going to hurt you to get a player experience informing you on how we interpret what you put in.
    Reality is. It does not matter how you intend content to be used. It comes down to how users use it.
    We will tell you what works and what doesn't. All you can do before hand is design and hope.
    Well what you come up with on your white board does not always translate into something valuable on our end.
    It is not doing you any good to continue to be deaf to our experience and plow ahead as if what we got through does not matter.
    This event does not matter to me.
    It does not acknowledge or reward me. There is no challenge for me.
    It does not matter that there are no low level players to make dough. I don't need guild mates.
    When is guild market rework gonna be finished anyway?

    This event is just another mini event at best. Initially we had interest in global balloon contributions and getting the limited rare reward.
    And yet over and again. The rewards are easy to reach and lackluster.
    We are doing our part here.
    We are participating. You cannot ask any more of us as a community.
    But I'll say it again clearly. You have to give us something to do.

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    Skins??? BB, are you kidding us??? Absolutely useless items and you been trying to foist them on us at every turn for the last couple years, this event even more so, it seems. USELESS! Everyone tries one just to see what all the fuss is, then is genuinely disappointed and most never use another. Now, some of the permanent ones garnered attention.... but we like those, so we don't see them. Just like the battle time on the special generals, you changed them, WITHOUT notification despite the players who did enjoy and employ them the way they were.

    .... and ofc, everything in the Event Store is Gems only.... cannot really complain about that on two counts: 1) Always been that way for this event; 2) Nothing new worth investing gems in (New explorer might be exception).
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    Some of the rewards are very outdated. Field Medic General is so old that he's tripping over his own beard. Why don't you retire him and put someone else in his place. There is even no need to create a new general, a lot of better option are already in the game - Miraculous General (directly better stats), Ghost General (similar build and improved stats); or given that General Tremble Beard was removed from Merchant and General Loudmouth was removed from the prize pool you might put one of them in his place.

    There are so many better generals, it is not conceivable why we should be stuck with a general that no one wants or uses. Please dev make the change.

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