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Thread: Join us on our new comminity discord server for everyone

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    Lightbulb Join us on our new comminity discord server for everyone


    I'd like to invite you and your guild members to join us and try out a new way on how our TSO community could communicate to each other and share info, useful tips and hints with everyone. Also, it would help us to educate the newbies more easily.

    I created a discord server and uploaded some useful content there, and even though it's still in work-in-progress mode, we already started using it. And it's fun.

    Why should we use it?
    • It's always there, even when the game is down for any reason.
    • You can send private messages (like the whisper in the game) to other players even when they are offline, and they will receive it when they are online again.
    • It keeps its history; you can see all the messages and can search in it at any time.
    • We can share images, documents, links, videos and sort of everything.
    • Unlike in the game chat, you can easily copy and paste text.
    • It works on every platform, even on mobile as well
    • It's fun to use.
    • ...and yes, we can use GIFs as well

    There are definitely more benefits; I just highlighted some of those.

    Do I have to reveal my real identity and email address there?
    Absolutely not! The only thing other players will see about you is your username and the avatar picture you can upload if you wish. That's all.

    I heard that Discord is a voice chat. Do I need to talk there?
    No. Discord has many options. One of those is the voice chat. But it's not mandatory! We normally use text chat, so we write messages like in the game. If you are fancy to chat in voice, obviously you can! We have both options on our server.

    How can I use it?
    You can use it in your browser, or you can download their app for your Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile phone. It's completely up to you!

    The next step is to follow our server link, and you need to do a few very easy steps as a registration (e.g. enter your username that you want to use, etc.), and that's it. You've just joined!

    I already use Discord, but I don't want to use my profile on this server. Can I have a different profile?
    Yes! You can set your profile for each server that you join and use. There is a quick how-to on the server for this.

    How can I join?
    Good question and I'm glad you asked!

    Copy and paste this link:

    If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please let me know! I'm happy to help!

    Please share this mail with your guild members, friends and join us on Discord! See you there!


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    I get 'Invite invalid' when I try to access your link. What is your Discord group name?

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    ditto - invalid

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