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Thread: Halloween 2023

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    Halloween 2023 2022
    //removed BB_Trafffer

    Dev Diary 2022

    I suggest using the above resources to get familiar with the event.

    Anybody looking for tips on the speculative market I suggest reaching out to me now for tips.
    You still have time to invest now in items to turnaround in the event.
    Our primary resource will be pumpkins. p.

    "You can get the event resource by...
    Unlocking Halloween 2022 Achievements
    Sending Explorers on a Treasure search
    Collecting Pumpkins that spawn on your home island
    Winning rewards for defeating Golems
    Completing Halloween quests
    Producing them with Pumpkin Cemeteries
    Trading with other players
    Item gifts from friends
    Buying Pumpkin packages in the Shop"

    By completing adventures you are granted pumpkin refills for your cemetery.
    Follow the adventure list to see which will grant you the best reward for your time.

    Pumpkin refillers min. Pumpkin refillers max. x2 seasonal max.
    Gunpowder 7 12 24
    Arctic Explosion 16 23 46
    Tomb Raiders 13 19
    Outlaws 16 23

    Here is the biggest mistake.
    Undervaluing the pumpkin refills.

    You have to understand their maximum value and sell to this market.
    With the existance of love tree and PFB most players are able to access 1:22 output per tic.

    Field Type Production Time
    Small pumpkin cemetery 5 Hours 20 Min 4/day *pretty much not worth the space in most cases.
    Common pumpkin cemetery 2 Hours 40 Min 9/day
    Noble pumpkin cemetery 40 Min 36/day

    Consider activating LT twice daily for 50% coverage. 12 hours daily @ 1:22 without considering breakdown time.
    These activations alone over 6 cem will expend 45/2=22.5 refill of their daily production to multiply the refills.
    Per Lt activation you can get 3 proc per common. *3.
    22*3*3=198 within 6 hour window.
    Nobles will see 8 procs within buff.
    22*8*3=528 within 6 hour window.
    Total 726 pumpkins produced, with (3*3)+(3*8)= 33 refill consumed.
    Or simply.
    33*22=726 to confirm the above.

    Let's look again at AE.
    Arctic Explosion 16 23 46

    So yes. Running a couple AE will provide you enough for a 6 hour run.

    Here is the problem. Players sell their pumpkin refills for 1:3 or less.
    Which is absolutely devalues adventures and time.
    The fact is, no player can run their cemetery more than 100%. They stay on all day and that's all you can do.
    You cannot operate them more than 24 hours per day.
    They have a maximum input.
    45 refill a day for 28 days means I only need and can consume 1260 refills.
    Any more than 1260 I possess only have value through trade.
    I would want this value to be as high as possible.
    Now look at the buyer persepctive.
    They want the price to be as low as possible.
    And why not?
    If I can spend 3:1 pumpkin to refill and then process it 1:22 I am still able to operate my cemetary @ 1:19 without having to fund any adventures or pay any resource to fund my cemetery. What I pay is what I get so there is no loss.
    The cheaper the market value, the more likely I am to seek progress through TO opposed to running any adventure myself.
    Now for the dose of reality that I beg of you to drill into your head and understand.
    Sell Prefill for 1:7 minimum.

    The laziest player will operate PFB and RS which produces 1:8 output.
    By making the min purchase value 1:7 they still see a 1:2 output if they choose to invest in TO opposed to adventure, a technical gain.
    But not a gain in the same as those who spend 1:7 to produce 1:22 for 1:15 profit.
    Elixer will give 1:10 for 1 hour or single activation.
    Mach oil will give you the 13 hour overnight 1:12. Still 1:5 over market of 1:7.

    Remember that we are using our hundreds of full teched explorers to produce anyway. These cemetary are just excess production, not the primary production.
    Understand that each player need only consume 1260 refill per event.
    The # they "need" to purchase from TO is lessened by adventure activity.

    Explain to me why you would want to sell your refill for 1:3 instead of 1:7?
    Go ahead and justify why you undersell. You will never make it make sense. You are simply doing it wrong.
    Charge more.
    Because if you don't, I will mark up your eggs.

    An egg salesman sits alone selling a dozen eggs for 2 dollars.
    A salesman comes and sits right beside him selling a dozen for $1.80.
    The first reacts by dropping his dozen to $1.60.
    Unmoved the second man goes down to $1.50.
    Flustered, the first man marks a dozen eggs down to 1 dollar!
    The second man the buys up every egg and then changes his sign to selling a dozen for $2.50.
    Welcome to capitalism. Play or be played.
    I am telling you right now a full month ahead of time to sell your refills for 1:7.
    If you sell for 1:3. I will in fact buy it and mark it up and take the 1:4*lot size free profit from the air.
    I have done this and seen it work. I have taught this ot others and seen it work.
    I am telling you.
    Do not undervalue your gains.
    Sell for 1:7 minimum.

    Do not tell me once "Oh, wah, what about da players who can't buff and wah wah. " Shh.
    Sell for 1:7.

    Buy resolute.
    My ideal suggestion is to have min 3 resolute for end game.
    1 for primary build to master low level maps.
    2 for Elite build.
    What I would do beyond that is continue to make primary to elite 1:2 to reduce map time.

    Resolute is still in fact the strongest in game general. You really can't go wrong with him.

    Blacktree is another must have.
    You must get at least 1 to T7.
    Beyond that, other color sets you want to get up in a near equal fashion.
    You want each tree to be a min T3 for grout. Beyond that, just push them up to T5 (crystal shards) and beyond freely.
    Simply how it works is that you will have 1 primary tree of each color. And all other trees of that same color reduce the cooldown of that color set.
    That is to say blue trees reduce blue trees.
    Red trees do not reduce blue trees.
    Everything is it's own set, so you need 1 of each color to level up. And the rest of that color only need be level 1 trees for CD.

    Swap golem drops.
    This will help you get through achievements.
    You need to clear 5 of each golem type for max reward.
    The final golem falls off in reward as you are spending high value in water potions and getting few p in return.
    Waters do not expire or are removed from your star.
    So you can in fact make 2k of each of the 3 water types and just be done with it for a long while.
    I suggest that.

    While doing golem swap in your morning routine do not forget to tag on other zone buffs while you are visiting. Most players are going to have PFB and rem active so let's remember to take advantage of all global buffs.
    Some of which I suggest being wood guide, EM, express travel doc, Rain dance, mining guide, sugar rush.
    Form habit of asking for other buff swap while trading golems.

    **************Early Explorers**************
    This tactic has been detailed in my guides.
    You can also mail me asking for details if you need.

    Let's say even begins on Monday, 4 AM est.
    What I will do is spend that weekend starting Saturday to reverse engineer my explorer treasure searches, to land at 6 AM Monday.
    I know I get up at 5 or earlier everyday anyway, so no big deal for me.
    But set your return time for what is practical to you. 7 AM, 9 AM, whatever it may be. Set a landing time.
    On the morning of the event you want to log in and play for just a minute or 2.
    Click on a few things, activate some buffs, accept some of the questbook stuff, hit the epic shop, whatever. Clear your mail, just a bit of busy work for a minute so the game recognizes that you are logged in and active during the event which is now active.
    Now, close the game.
    Go take off for about a half hour. Make your coffee, brush your teeth, walk your dog, do the stuff.
    When you come back and log in you are all set and good to go.
    Now what happens is your explorers will behave as if they have been sent out on a treasure search while the event is active.
    This is a nice jumpstart without doubt.
    All of your motherly, thourough, romantic, snowy, all these prolonged and Vlong searches stacked up will give you a nice bump of resources in hour 1 of play getting you to your first explorer merchant purchase on day 1 and move on to your next goal.

    If you follow my Emphatic Explorer tech as found here.

    This will give you maximum search time reduction across all searches. This grants 2/3 reduction of Vlong for your overnight search while still reaching into artifact for outside of events.
    This brings Very long searches to become a manageable turnaround time to allow a good bonus overnight for your return.
    While faster explorers such as Adventurous explorer do not require this tech as they are quick enough to perform a prolonged in overnight putting these 2 points elsewhere.

    Overall. Single player adventures will include AE, AB, MCC maps.
    Multiplayer will include GP, TR, BR, potentially few other co ops hosted by low levels.
    If we are able to help low level players complete TR and BR, this will grant them strong resources and a chance at population so let's lend a hand here and there by using our advantages.
    We high level players should be responsible for hosting maps.
    Activate SP for the proper level range.
    Stack OBS and Vor.
    Add FH.
    Add OC.
    Now how BR and TR so that any lesser players who join get full benefit of arriving quicker and prolonging their army.
    This may seem low value to you. But to growing players, this boosted Xp and conservation of soldiers is actually notable.
    It hardly costs you anything to activate them, we just need to remember to do so.

    Other major purchases to be aware of:
    Scared explorer- Has unlimited value. Ask me for deep details on his gem equivalence generation. Supported by chaos and infinity, this explorer is crucial to your long game play.
    You cannot have too many of this exp.

    Bewitching Explorer (max 2) +100% task speed.
    Bring back twice as much loot from treasure search tasks, always with the highest possible amount of resources.
    Generic and strong.

    Pirate Explorer (max 1)-Similar mechanic to scaredy, with inverse application.
    The math on this guy has also been detailed and is highly complex.
    Breaks down to being inverted to scaredy resulting in the best tactic being to spam small searches. This is supported by his time scale as this results being 2 searches per day.

    Ghost Lantern (max 3) Under the Lantern you can find one gift every week. - Mid to high value in long game.
    Highly suggest this item, but if it comes to priority decision this item may need to be passed on.

    All Blacktree seeds must be prio.

    Artificer Study (max 1) Produces many buffs to boost your artillery capabilities. - Key for long game.

    Haunted Mansion (max 3) Haunted Mansion with room for 145 settlers.
    Occasionally lets you replace wild animals with ghosts. - High value 2X2 pop building which can be traded 1:1 with FM.
    These sell for high coin value or event value any time of year.
    You can use these for as long as you need and in the future I would be willing to bet these will hold value.

    That should cover it.
    Anything else you are curious about strategy wise.
    Any other Halloween questions you can think of.
    Post below.

    This happens to be my favorite event of the year.
    I find it to be both moderately expensive, but also the most rewarding event of the year. These are very powerful items here.
    You are getting good value for your effort in this event.
    You are rewarded for managing your explorers.
    Where you would be rewarded for completing adventures in excess of 1260 refills, this value is tied to market value.
    This being public, it needs to be generally understood that the resource value need be high and why so, else your return potentials be lessened.

    This is not exactly a low level friendly event. That's okay I guess. I feel the hard earned rewards grow your power and prep you for Christmas.
    Highly suggest that growing players look into BR, TR, AE as their primary map choices in this event. Throw some buffs at GP between that.
    Learn to use TO and advanced trade tactics.
    If you would like to learn how to make gold coins freely from the market I can teach you advanced trade tactics that will do so for you.
    Spend coins to buy stuff. Trade stuff for other stuff. Sell that stuff for coins. = profit.
    It's truly that easy, and I can teach you the complexities of it regardless of your level.
    You will be limited by your capitol value and storage cap. But by learning to trade you can profit enough to expand on both improving your purchase power. Just keep trading.

    Have at it.
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    how many explorers you got?
    Mad scientist.

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    Short Treasure Search 2 4
    Medium Treasure Search 3 6
    Long Treasure Search 5 10
    Very Long Treasure Search 10 16
    Prolonged Treasure Search 12 24

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    I'm one of the lazy players, I use the trade office to get pumpkins, I like to buy loot spots, trade resources. I buy special buildings that are limited and tradeable in the event Merchant store and then resell them at a mark-up.

    If everyone sells for 1:7 there simply aren't enough buyers with love trees, the buffs, the pumpkins, the time to login and keep everything running.

    I don't have a love tree and my budget is 1:4, if that doesn't work, I will have to find another way. Then I would be out as a buyer. One less chicken in the coup. Have you watched any Milton Friedman videos on youtube; it's some go
    od stuff.

    I'm going leverage the market at 1:4 because my economic free market says I can.
    The love tree is meant to be a benefit and 1:7 negates that, then when you visit a level 35 player and see all their fields sleeping or collapsed, we'll know why.
    For the record, having full fields is a benefit and it's not owed, you have to put in effort.

    Thank you for taking the time to create the thread, from my survivalist economic viewpoint, I agree with all the advice you have given.

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    A level 35 player is like 3 days old. They have no right to expect to perform well in an event.

    What is their source of RS anyway? They have no prem tokens or PFB.
    These low level players will not be able to extract profit from refills in the same way.

    Even without LT.
    SG will produce at 1:11 with PFB, so buying at 1:7 is still profitable.

    From the viewpoint of how long said buffs have existed in game. I cannot see more players not having LT than do.
    Valentines event is not new.
    Love tree is not new.
    Unless you are under 1 year in game.
    There is no acceptable reason for you to have less than 3 love tree.
    And nobody can argue to me that majority of our player base is under 1 year old.
    So follow the pure logic.
    Most players in game have LT. If you don't, you are the exception that needs to catch up.

    Being underdeveloped is like being the short stack in poker. There is an advantage.
    How do I put this..
    The less you have, the more you have to gain.
    If you are looking up at other players being richer than you. These are all opportunities for you to offer what we want and take our riches.

    Figure out what we want.
    Get it.
    Sell it to us.

    I do understand players having limited time to come around and do stuff. That I can empathize with.
    There is a convenience to being able to head to TO for your refills.
    If you cannot afford to spend 7:1 p to pr, then you cannot afford the proper buffs.
    Oh well. Others will afford it.
    That's the thing.
    You gotta sell to the rich, not sell to the poor.
    Be a seller. What's stopping you?
    The point is to actually benefit weak players who put in the effort to generate p refills.
    These low level players would require both RS and PFB active to turn 1 refill to 8 p.
    If they put their refills into cems and self buff with RS, they are receiving 1:4.
    If they go to TO and find market is 1:4, they have no reason to push for excess refills to sell.
    When TO is 1:7.
    This player is actually more motivated to sell refills at over 1:4 which is their max production.
    What other option do they have? Spend coins to buy mach oils and get 1:5?

    In 1:7. Poor players have opportunity to sell for above what they can produce.
    And rich players get to purchase for less than what they produce.
    Literally both sides win in this transaction. Nobody sees this? Guess it's only obvious to me huh.
    In 1:4. Rich players profit even more in purchasing even further away from production point. And the poor players see 1:1 what they can do at home.
    But yeah, go ahead and keep undercutting each other. It only helps the rich you fools.

    For any player who is running LT, they will consume just over 2k refills over the event. There is a hard limit to consumption.
    This is self procured then supplemented by TO.
    What poor players are hoping for is that rich players spend limited time taking a conversion cut of their p to pr rather than invest time into maps.
    There will inevitably be some of this that occurs, but a limit to.

    Understand who is buying refills. Players with PFB on.
    If you are not able to double your buffs, then buying at 1:7 is not attractive for you.
    But you have to understand, the market is not for you. It is for the rich.
    The rich benefit from 1:7 and benefit further from 1:4.
    The poor, benefit from selling at 1:7 and do not benefit from selling at 1:4 or less which can be achieved at home.

    Here is your easy market hack.
    Arctic Explosion 32 46 refills
    Buy AE map @ 10 for 20kc. = 2kc per.
    Trade AE map in TO for 50% of min offer. 32/2 = 16.
    You've just paid 2kc per 16 refill.
    In trading refill 1:7, translate to 112 pumpkins.
    Pumpkin value on day 1 is 100 @ 120kc = 1:1200 (thanks to me installing and holding price)
    In selling 25p for 30kc this is selling 25% of P value from a single AE sale. And enough to purchase 15AE maps.

    This loop is a perpetual profit. My prices are not random. They are what they are because they create loops like this.
    And loops like this work because there are many individual moving pieces.
    Can I buy AE maps? Yes.
    Can I sell AE for 50% of min given value? Yes.
    Do refill in TO sell to pumpkin? Yes.
    Do pumpkins in to sell for coin? Yes.
    So as somebody who exploits this loop my profit potential is linked to pumpkin coin value being as high as possible.
    And refill to p value being as high as possible.
    If either of these price points drop, it affects my end profit.
    Yet my margins are so high that I can accept a drop and still be within profit.
    It just because a matter of how profitable am I?
    Clearly selling p for 1:1200 is better than 1:1000.
    To protect my price all I need to do is buy up the pumpkins any other fool tries to sell and mark it up.
    I can spend 100kc to buy your 100p, then sell those 100p for 120kc. Taking that 20kc and protecting my loops.
    You actually can't stop market manipulation so you are better to understand it and be a part of it. You are not gonna stop me so you may as well do what I do and profit.
    Generally if ever you see my buy something you are selling, it is because it is too cheap and I have found a profit loop off taking your offer.
    Be smarter. Find the loops and do it yourself.

    Buy 100 SS @50kc. *2
    Trade 44 SS to 10 RS. *4
    Sell 25 RS @ 100kc.
    Self contained loop that generates 24 RS free. @4kc ea, 96kc value. We are just shy of +100% to invested.
    This loop can be performed year round, and I do.
    This is legit free coins out of thin air.
    The more pieces, and more complex you design your loop the easier it is to multiply your end profit.
    Think of each variable acting as a factor. Running at 1.1 over more variables compounds.
    It is very easy to create trade loops that end with 1:7 to invested.
    Which in English means for every 1 coin you invest in trade you are returned 7.
    It's not hard to do.

    If you want to pay me as broker you can. Give me a set value of coins and I will play with it in market to generate a higher value, then I will take 25% of what I generate.
    Give me 100kc, I turn it to 200kc, will return you 175kc.
    Done this many times over.

    If young players do not understand advanced concepts who is gonna be shocked?
    And it is not as if they are being "left behind" in any manner when your first year of play through each event is a weak performance anyway.
    There is a realistic ramp up time before what you possess is viable.
    At least in suggesting 1:7 p to pr. Weak players can benefit without having to understand the why of the pricing.
    Level has absolutely nothing to do with a players trade actions. Any player who is thinking more of selfish undercutting to sell faster is not only hurting their own profit, but taking away from all others who benefit from a high price point.
    We would all benefit more if everybody had a better understand of trade value.

    Selling @ 1:7 again.
    As somebody with LT and PFB I procur 1:21 per refill.
    In buy @ 1:7 I am only spending 1/3 of my production potential on refills in an instant compared to had I run advs myself to get refills for 100% profit potential.
    But this is just 1/3 of my cem production, when explorer are actually a large portion of my p profit anyway.
    Also the purchase and resale of rare buildings in TO.

    How many coins to buy an inproved watermills?
    Spend 220kc.
    Sell imp WM @400 p.
    Sell 100p @ 120kc *4 = 480kc
    480/220=2.18 or 218% net to invested. a 1:218 trade value.

    Purchase Mag watermill 2.1Mc.
    Sell Mag WM @ 4400p.
    Sell 100p @120kc *44 = 5.28Mc
    5.28/2.1=2.51 trade value

    Purchase 10k titanium 22kc. *5
    Sell 50k titanium for 380p.
    Sell 75p@ 90kc *4 = 360kc.
    Net +90p, +250kc.

    When you consider that cems are hard limit and time gated yet TO is only limited by your knowledge. You will migrate to TO.
    You can try to tell me there are not enough buyers. But there are.
    If you sell it, somebody will buy it.
    If you don't try to sell it, nobody's gonna buy it. Ya get that? Sell stuff.
    Anything. i don't care what it is, it actually makes no difference. Just sell more everything.
    For me an event day means dealing at minimum 3Mc in commerce.
    That is coin equivalent value going in or out.
    Some trades take minutes, some take days. All my loops and investments have calculated expected outcomes. Nothing is random.

    Doesn't even matter if you have nothing to trade right now. Can you try? If you are capable of trying, you can get something.
    Ask a high level player for some items to trade with and offer them a % of your profits. They will either accept or laugh and just gift you some items to start out with.
    It would be nothing for me to give you 500 various buffs to go and trade with.
    Granite. Exo. Swords. There are enough whales around that have millions of items that giving you a few hundred thousand is not even noticable.
    If you think players in this game cannot afford expensive trades then you are just ignorant.
    I'm telling you. Rich players are rich.
    Sell to the rich.
    The "poor" players around here are only so because they are not motivated enough to learn trade for themselves.

    If I give you 100kc, how many days will it take you to turn it into 1M?
    Do you even know how? It is possible to. I do it.
    I know it can be done. I know you can do it. But do you?
    I'm a strong believer than all players could improve their trade game.

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    what trade game? there is 7 trades in TO for the whole Ares server
    Mad scientist.

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    Aware of the lack of effort in trade offers. It's actually sad.

    Crazy thing is, I post items and they sell. So I know if anybody else posted anything. It would sell.
    Call it a lack of competition.
    Price is what you say it is because there are no other options.

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    when is halloween this year?

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    October 31st

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    Starts on the 23rd

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