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Thread: [Feedback] [Dev Diary] Halloween Event 2023

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    I don't like the new merch...

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    The overall feeling about the event: BB became very greedy. Period. I completely agree with RantNRave.

    It started with the last event (Anniversary). Let me explain why.

    During the last event, BB started to remove useful items. I mentioned it here:

    And this continued here at this event as well, unfortunately.

    These items were useful and now are removed:
    • Bewitching Explorer (4313 pumpkins, max. 2)
    • Pirate Explorer (3999 pumpkins, max. 1 and 4799 gems, max 3.)
    • Eerie Booster Bundle (2999 pumpkins, max. 1 and 3599 gem, max. 1) - 1x Courageous Explorer, 1x Archelogist Geologist, 3x Medi Pack, 3x Hugs & Kisses, 3x Rain of Flaming Arrows, 3x Ballista, 3x Recruitment Guide, 3x Weapon Crafting Guide, 3x Paperwork Guide, 3x Mining Guide, 3x Farming & Hunting Guide, 3x Rock Mining Guide, 3x Wood Cutting Guide
    • Delicious Treat (7999 gems, max. 1) - 1x Magnificent Watermill, 1x Improved Floating Residence, 1x Candid Explorer, 1x Archeological Geologist, 1x Premium Day, 2x 3 Premium Days, 1x Prestigious Friend Buff, 2x Medipack, 5x Bag of Rainbow Snow, 5x Elixir, 5x Barazek, 5x Fairy Fire, 5x Fairy Light, 2x Sack of Omniseeds, 5x Rain of Flaming Arrows, 5x Ballista, 1000x Iron, Salpeter, Titanium, Granite and Grout
    • Bewitching Bundle (9799 pumpkins, max. 1) - 1x Bewitching Explorer, 1x Gold-Hearted Geologist, 1x Token Mint, 1x Capacious Warehouse, 1x Treehouse, 1x Prestigious Friend Buff, 3x Elixir, 3x Barazek, 1x Solid Sandwich, 2x Ranged Support, 4x Chocolate Covered Arrows, 2x Mr. Myers, 2x Nash Williams
    • Chummy Geologist (1249 pumpkins, max. 5)
    • Wondrous Halloween Residence (7995 pumpkins, max. 3)
    • Ghastly Halloween Bundle (9999 pumpkins, max. 1) - 1x Training Grounds, 1x Recycle Manufactory, 1x Tree House, 1x Gold-hearted Geologist, 1x Adventurous Explorer, 1x Lord Dracul, 3x Witches' Familiar, 1x Premium Day, 2x 3 Premium Days, 1x The Headless Horseman, 5000x Magic Beans, 2x Mystical Horseshoes, 5x Boot Camp, 5x Assassin, 5x Rain of Arrows, 5x Rain of Flaming Arrows, 5x Ballista, 5x Big Catapult, 5x Bucket of Candy, 5x Love-Crazed, 1x Recruitment Guide, 1x Weapon Crafting Guide, 1x Paperwork Guide, 1x Mining Guide, 1x Farming & Hunting Guide, 1x Rock Mining Guide, 1x Wood Cutting Guide
    • Halloween Generals Pack (16999 pumpkins, max. 1) - 1x Younger Gemini General, 1x Grim Reaper General, 1x Lord Dracul General, 1x Ghost General, 7 Premium Days (split into 2x 3days,1x 1day), 1x Prestigious Friend Buff, 5x Rain of Flaming Arrows, 5x Ballista, 5x Ranged Support, 5x Blacktree Arrow

    That means if someone spent 38020 pumpkins (Bewitching Explorer, Pirate Explorer, Eerie Booster Bundle, Bewitching Bundle), they got 8 explorers, 2 geos, 3 buildings, 1 PFB and many more buffs and other stuff. If they spent 25995 gems on top of these (Pirate Explorer, Eerie Booster Bundle, Delicious Treat), then they got an additional 5 explorers, 2 geo, 2 buildings, 2 PFB, 7 days premium, and many more buffs.

    So in total, the player could get 13 explorers, 4 goes, 5 buildings, 3 PFBs, 7 days premium, and a ton of buffs. For 38020 pumpkins and 25995 gems.

    Check what you get now for the same amount of pumpkins and gems....

    And these items have been deleted now. Instead, we don't have individual explorers, but only Scared. WHY?

    We don't have nice, relatively cheap bundles, but only extremely expensive and limited new ones. WHY?

    We don't have nice buildings from the bundles like Magnificent Watermill, Improved Floating Residence and Capacious Warehouse. WHY?

    We don't have a standalone Wondrous Halloween Residence, but in a bundle and 1 from the calendar. WHY?

    The Ghastly Halloween Bundle has also been removed... so there is no training ground, no Recycle Manufactory. WHY?

    BB created an extremely expensive bundle, but they put useless Grim Reaper general and Spooky Bronze mine in it. WHY?

    At least we still can buy generals, black trees, and ghost lanterns alone... That's a positive. But who knows what will happen next year....

    Also, the Longboat Storage from the event calendar will not return to the Star Menu if we destroy it. So if we place it once, it has to be there and cannot be moved. Or we can destroy it for good.

    Cherry on the top: we have not seen 100% happy hour since May or June 2023.

    I thought BB wanted to amuse and impress us with the events. This would encourage the players to play more and invite more people into the game. Instead, BB makes the game more bad and makes the players more sad. They are getting more and more greedy, and they don't care about the players' happiness.

    From my point of view, this was a nasty move and a terrible way of changing... I'd suggest to BB to don't remove items from merch but add more new ones. Listen to your players!
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    they just thinking of us so we dont have to grind so much!
    Mad scientist.

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    I either deleted the venture looming danger or it disappeared, I don't know if there is a solution for this.

    clearing cache resolved the issue and the venture is restored.
    Last edited by Forrell; 11-06-23 at 08:04 pm. Reason: resolved

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