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Thread: Important: Longboat Storehouse Solution

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    Important: Longboat Storehouse Solution

    Dear Settlers,
    as mentioned in our latest Changelog, with the current game version all the Calendar Longboat Storehouses in the Star Menu, in the trade and on your Island will receive the recurring status. If you afterwards delete them, they will return to your star menu and can be reused.

    However, it was not possible to instantly return the already deleted buildings.
    • If you already reported your loss via ticket, your building will be reimbursed - please don't create a new Ticket.
    • If you have not sent in a Ticket until now, you're advised to send a ticket to the Support Team and it will be reimbursed manually.

    Due to this situation and the upcoming Event, we currently have a higher ticket volume, so answers can be delayed. Therefore there might be an accompanying delay on your Longboat Storehouse on being manually reimbursed - thank you for your patience in this matter.

    Kind regards
    Your "The Settlers Online" Community Team
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