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Thread: [Feedback] Change Log 25/01/24

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    Quote Originally Posted by bashing View Post
    For level 80 from my understanding quests return 151.000 xp for players that are NOT level 80 (70 to 79).
    Should the starcoin return be 151? 1 starcoin per 1.000 xp? since right now we only receive 2 for the resource used.

    It really feels like dumping resource into a blackhole that really does not reward much but a tiny chance to permanent skin?

    Is this really the reward for players at level 80? dumping resources and time for a tiny chance at skin?

    It really does not seems like a great return if the starcoins reward would at least be the 1 to 1000 it would be acceptable but currently it really feel like throwing resources out the window.
    Yeah I made a bug report on that - I think we should be receiving the 151/155 for each quest at level 80. I sure not going to waste all those resources for 2 star coins.

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    I was doing Starfall even though it seems like a pointless waste, but I'm just going to ignore it from now on after my quest failed despite the resources I dumped into working toward completing it.

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