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Thread: Stop Forcing the Sandman's Powder Buff at the start of Starfall!

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    Angry Stop Forcing the Sandman's Powder Buff at the start of Starfall!

    This issue almost had me create this as a 'bug', but technically this issue appears to be a 'by design' oversight.

    At the completion of the Starfall sub-quest, 'Shipshape', we are cursed, I mean blessed with the island zone effect buffs, Sandman's Powder and 'Stars are Falling' (Star Shower). The ability to cancel either or both of these buffs is possible by using the Zone-Wide buffs menu, but this is not the problem.

    The initiation of Sandman's Powder kills any and all existing island zone effect buffs we, the players have placed (e.g. Winter Paint). We can at our expense of additional buffs cancel the Sandman's Powder and reapply the buff lost, but it is not a reasonable expectation that we have to expend additional resources for a buff we want that is killed by a buff we do not want.

    I respectfully request that either the Shipshape sub-quest either does not apply Sandman's Powder, or makes it possible to not kill the existing buffs in place, so we can cancel/keep the ones we do wish kept.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    PS - This issue was identified much earlier and brought up in Global on our server (Zeus) at which time, the BB online at the time informed us that it would be brought up with the team. Since no apparent activity has happened, I am bringing it to the next level.
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    It was brought up on Ares' server at the beginning of the quest chain as well, and yes, it's annoying

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